HVS Movement Studies offers courses and coaching to improve one's quality of life and share insight on creating a life of quality.

This work is based in nervous system regulation, creative process, writing, and embodiment and can be applied to your own lived experience as well as your work in classrooms or therapy spaces.

Develop a stronger connection to yourself, a better understanding of how to connect with others, and a framework for connecting to the world we share. Together, we can move toward wholeness.

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Whenever I am able to move with Heather, I am overwhelmed by the quality of presence that she brings to her work which manifests in a judgement free space for everyone.” -Tiffany T.

K-12 Education

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) through:

-Arts Education

-Nervous System Regulation


-Polyvagal Theory

Supporting clinical practice

Relationship and engagement through:

-Expressive Therapies Continuum

-Somatic Movement

-Nervous System Regulation

-Polyvagal Theory

Resilience Education

Coaching and courses in:

-Life Coaching with Nervous System Regulation

-Move and Make: Engaging in Creative Process

-Movement-based Mindfulness

-Balance and Strength

Hi, I’m Heather Vaughan-Southard.

Informed by a life in professional dance and all tiers of education, the core of my work is about alleviating suffering and learning to thrive.

I see myself as a representative of the body. I teach educators and mental health professionals how to embed movement into their work, moving toward social-emotional connection. I teach individual clients to work with the wisdom their bodies hold as they move through transitions in life and relationships.

I know what it is to experience loss, pain, and discombobulation. To parent, partner, and still show up as a professional. I know what it is to disconnect from my body to return to full embodiment. Whether your work is personal or professional, I can help you. Let's collaborate on your improved experience.